Happy clients share their stories

I have enjoyed clothes since I was a teenager but as a man in my late forties, I had really lost my grip on my wardrobe. My wife spent several months convincing me that it made sense to get some time with Jane and to have her help me rethink everything from shoes to shirts to coats. I am so incredibly pleased that I did. From the start of the process where Jane assessed my current wardrobe, I knew that I was in safe hands. Jane has exceptional knowledge and understanding of what fits well and looks good and whether clothes are well made; she listens intently to what you want and need and tailors her suggestions precisely along those lines; she has strong opinions (which helped me to be decisive) but also she manages to share those views gently and thoughtfully; and by being interesting and lively company, she makes the whole experience extremely enjoyable. I am loving choosing my clothes every day now - I am glorying in having a range of things that go together extremely well and make me feel my best when I put them on. I really can't recommend Jane highly enough.

John, Entrepreneur

"Jane has helped me look at fashion in a whole new way. She's creative in finding good options for my figure (which by the way is not easy at 5'2 and very curvy!), while never being pushy or forcing options that I would not be comfortable in.  I always thought that engaging a stylist would be prohibitive cost wise, but Jane was very affordable and flexible to work with.  Looking forward to having her help me in a few months again to select a few new items for Spring & Summer!"


Susie, Actress & Mum

"Jane has a real eye for fashion and inspires me to try new things, and is a lot of fun to shop with too.  She has a way of just knowing what works. While making sure you are comfortable and confident in what you wear, she will force you out of your comfort zone and make you realize that you can wear things that you never thought you looked good in before.  What really impressed me is her ability to pair clothing and accessories--she really has a talent for pulling together an outfit.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a personal shopper."


Chris, Architect

"I've been running my own business as a fashion buyer and also an educator for the last 25 years and spend my time running around keeping many plates spinning. This involves a lot of travel, a lot of presentations, and a lot of networking. I find myself in many situations where, as much as I know what I'm talking about and don't doubt my abilities, what I wear and how I wear it goes a long way to cementing the impact I have on others around me, especially in the fashion world!. The problem is, whilst I am surrounded by clothes and fashion, my professional eye is always working on behalf of my business and I have very little time to actually go out shopping for myself. Jane has been a god send. She knows just what will suit me, goes to the ends of the earth to find it, and always bring me something that I feel fantastic in. Style is very important to me, but so is comfort, and Jane has an uncanny knack of satisfying both needs - within a bugdet to boot - which is also important. I can't recommend her enough to anyone who simply needs help in expressing their personal style and feeling great about themselves."


Melissa, Buyer and Educator  

"At the risk of inducing Jane's deep crimson blushes, I wanted to drop you a line to say how fabulous it has been having Jane to help me out on my wardrobe both for work and beyond (three children aged between 5 and 8 years doesn't allow much time to shop let alone browse).  Before Jane became my 'wardrobe fairy', I used to 'emergency' buy for work events, black tie dos and family occasions. Looking right for meetings and social stuff and having to find outfits for them was a source of stress, not pleasure. Jane has changed all that. I take real pleasure in my wardrobe again for the first time since I had the children. And am often complimented by friends and work colleagues on my outfits. I have a well-balanced wardrobe so always have something to wear be it casual or work. And it hasn't cost me a fortune. When we went through my wardrobe she breathed new life into old gems that needed a button, taking up or new heels, again providing value for money. It feels odd to say it, but an updated wardrobe has made me feel so happy and certainly more confident."


Alison, CEO, Ad Agency

"What do I want from a personal shopper? Someone who listens to me and understands me but also will push me to try new things I would never even consider on my own. Someone to cast an eye over what is in my wardrobe already and help me to work out what is working and what isn’t. Someone who can see how with another inch that dress that I never wear would become amazing. Someone who has a great eye for style, value and fashion. Someone who knows the great little boutiques, the high street, and the fancy places. Jane is all these things and loads more. I have been shopping with Jane three times now - twice for a general wardrobe refresh and once to shop for an outfit for a special family occasion. The wardrobe refreshes were so exciting because I came away with tons of new stuff that I knew I would wear. Friends and family immediately started complimenting me on what I wearing - including my three daughters. Most exciting was finding the perfect outfit for our family occasion, including, crucially, shoes that looked great and that I could dance in all night. A personal shopper feels like an extravagance but if you are short of time, or if you sometimes spend money on things you then never wear, or if you don’t really have a good feel for what is out there and what works for you these days, it’s fantastic value for money, and really good fun too."


Deborah, Author

"Where do I begin?  I am so glad that I found Jane as she has changed my life and my perspective on many things.   I called around to talk to multiple stylists and stopped looking immediately when I talked to Jane.  I knew from the first few minutes that I wanted to work with her.  It has turned out to be even better than anything I ever thought!  Not only do I have fabulous new outfits (and some "new" old outfits that I'm looking at in different ways), but working with her has helped me open up new ideas about my wardrobe and understand more about how to express myself through my clothes.   Jane is helping me discover how to do this and expanding the way I think. In only a short time, I do notice that people are responding to me in new ways, which is really fun!  The results have been better than I could have ever expected with people literally stopping me on the street, on the bus, in shops, etc. with compliments and friends loving my new looks.  I even had a few people who I've known forever tell me that "something about me is different" and they couldn't put their finger on it.  I learn more every time I talk to Jane. To get even more specific, she went through my wardrobe and did an amazing job of helping me let go of items while also helping me rethink others. Our shopping trips now are extremely efficient as Jane somehow manages to pick out the best items for me within minutes.  I usually end up buying most of what she picks out and somehow it all looks great!  I don't know how she does it, but obviously I highly recommend her.  You can't go wrong with Jane!"


Nina, Graphic Designer