I am an Image Consultant and Personal Stylist, and some of my clients call me their ‘Wardrobe Fairy’


I help both men and women to find clothes and accessories that work for them. Clients include professionals who lack time and struggle to find their individuality in the corporate arena; mums who have misplaced their mojo, along with plus and petite sizes who have limited shopping options.


I can teach you to shop so you know what shapes, styles and brands are suited to your own unique style, and you will end up with a versatile wardrobe that feels fresh and exciting and which forms a basis for many seasons to come. The best news is that such a wardrobe can exist at any price point.


My business background has spanned hotel management, corporate event management and the design, production and ownership of a ladies slipper brand called "Ruby & Ed". I am also a mother of three and I have many tips and tricks on how you can still feel good about the way you look, no matter how busy you are. 

The person under the hat

About Jane